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Colloquium 45.2 (2013)


Calvin and His Influence, 1509–2009

Justification: A Guide for the Perplexed

Jesus and the Religions: Retrieving a Neglected Example for a Multi-cultural World

Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Period: The Archaeology of Desolation

Colin Gunton and the Failure of Augustine: The Theology of Colin Gunton in Light of Augustine

Schleiermacher and Religious Feeling

Trinity and Election in Contemporary Theology

Review of Two Recent Works on Ezra 9–10

The Theology of Battlestar Galactica: American Christianity in the 2004–2009 Television Series

Ethics with Barth: God, Metaphysics and Morals

Exile and Restoration in Jewish Thought: An Essay in Interpretation

The Old Ones in the Old Book: Pagan Roots of the Hebrew Old Testament

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